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SC 430 Engine missig

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My SC 430 has a miss in its engine. Lexus have done everything to find the problem and have replaced coils, spark plugs etc etc and still the miss is there. When you start with a cold engine the miss is not there but as it heats up the miss starts happening. They have done pressure checks and all manner of work and its still there. They have handed the car back to me and said, 'drive it until it stops and we'll find out whats wrong then' well that's not satisfactory to me. I wont an expert mechanic who knows the SC 430 and can diagnose the problem. Help to all out there. John Seymour

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I had a similar problem in my ISF but we couldn't find it..

Turned out to be a slightly cracked intake tube, allowing more air into the engine (post maf sensor) which caused the occasional "skip".

So check the intake piping to make sure that there is not any excess air getting in maybe.

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