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RX350 or RX330 Lexus OEM tow bar help please

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G'day. Need a favour please. Does anyone have a factory fitted towbar on their RX350 or RX330 (I think they are the same).

When the towbar is fitted, does Lexus remove the rear bumper bar reinforcement? I can't see any other way for the towbar to fit??

Could someone please hop under their car and take some pics please showing the towbar in place.

Cheers, David

Carlingford NSW 2118




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I have fitted both genuine and aftermarket towbars to RX330 and 50's  and they all needed the rear bar reinforcement removed. Depending on exactly what towbar it is you may need to also make a small cutout in the bar for the tongue. 

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Thanks SBR. I like the Hayman Reese bar for my 2007 RX350. Is this something I can fit at home? Cheers David, Carlingford NSW. Or can you recommend anyone?

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It can be done at home on the ground Ok (obviously on a hoist would be kinder to your body) but you will have to remove the rear bar cover to remove the reinforcement. Other than that it should just bolt in. The hayman reece is a good one.

Maybe see if there is a youtube tutorial ? 

Cant recommend anyone in that area sorry (Im in QLD)


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I'm about to fit a bar to my 2008 rx350.  I bought the genuine bar, as it worked out cheaper, however the harness was no longer available.  Where did you connec up the wiring to for the bar?  I have pulled my boot apart, and I dont hyave the plug there that I have seen in other pictures that has the required lines broken out!

I have gotten hold of the factory instructions for the harness, and it grabs the signals from the Fail safety tail light junction box sensor, but if there is an easier spot to get to, I'm open!  That sensor is a PITA to access....

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