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Dried Coollant visiable around Grearbox on 2011 ISF

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Hi All,


This is my first post and I am hoping you guys might be able to assist or guild me to the right direction, I have had my 2011 ISF for about 6 months its an amazing car and I enjoy it a lot

It has 80,000 Click on the clock and runs really nice, I was replacing new Pad's a week and my mechanic noticed some dry coolant around the Gearbox outer shell and notified me

so we decided to look into it further but unable to locate the leak, I have topped up the coolant a few times but nothing major and have not noticed any leak's where my car is parked every night. From doing some research online a few days ago it seems it might be caused by a leaking heat exchanger and fluid build up in the valley of the block finding it's way to the back of the engine and round the gearbox housing.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the issue and how was it resolved, Also perhaps if it's a known issue how can we have Lexus look into the issue as my car is out of manufactures warranty but I do have third party extended warranty.





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Hi All,


Just a quick update regarding my previous post, I had lexus look into the issues and it seems the heat exchanger unit was the cause

The car was off the road for two days and it now has been all resolved at a cost of $1170.00, They also managed to destroy the wiring loom and

have arranged a replacement which will arrive from japan early Jan to be replaced. Just a heads up to anyone if you start to notice the coolant levels drop

get it checked out right away as the collection point is below the inlet manifold and hard to get to.



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