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Hi guys,

New to the forum so forgive me if I repeat a question. So I've read a few threads regarding engine swaps whether its a 1jz,2jz, Ls1 etc. So I currently own a standard auto is200 which I've had a little over a year now originally bought as a replacement daily but couldn't help myself and did some cosmetic changes as well as coilovers. Now I need more power if I decide to keep it. I would love to put a 1uz-fe in it I know someone has already put an LS1 which is great but I'd like to stay true to lexus. Can anyone point me in the right direction I'm in Melbourne who can I talk to? Would like to keep it auto as the misses drives it to any other suggestions out there with a medium budget to get more power besides selling it and just getting an is300.


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There was a guy for a while that would track a 1UZFE converted IS200 at QR in Queensland. To be honest unless you want stock power and an eight cylinder its easier to consider a JZ swap because you will end up with a platform that is easier to tune. But then how fast do you want to go? An SC400 will do 0-100 in 6.5 and 15second quarters out of the box and there's about 200kg difference in weight there you would be getting close to being under a 6second car.

The things you need for a JZ swap are easy. You will need a set of IS300 cross members and possibly a sump from an IS300 depending on which engine you get. Then it depends what else you want to do. The 6speed fits behind the Altezza so that's self explanatory if you want a JZ160 what you need from an Altezza also, or if you want to leave it auto you can convert to the 5speed that sits behind the IS300. An IS300 loom should cover you for the loom that you need.

It is easier to stick with a VVT-i engine though if you want to keep your car feature complete. The multiplexed ECU is one of the issues with this. Unless you've got a really good auto-electrician. You'll lose ac control which is the biggest problem for getting your car registered without a heater/demister. You will lose cruise control, ect, snow mode. You will also lose control of the lose abs/trc/vsc unless you get a vvti compatible ECU.

If you're going standalone and don't need to worry about these features it's no big deal using either motor though. But pretty much, yeah... multiplexing sucks. It's modern cars though where for the sake of convenience manufacturers want to put everything in one loom.

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