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front drivers outer door key cover


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Hello does anyone know where I can get a outer drivers door key cover (the one that clips off and exposes the key lock mechanism) in graphite if possible, mine just fell off, I found it but it had been run over its a bit squashed.   thanks in advance if you can help.

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In 1G0 colour right? I'm sure you can get one from a wreck for relatively cheap. Just head there and pop it off yourself.

Otherwise I've seen some around for relatively cheap on eBay.

Part Number is 69218-33010 for the Front Left Side.

Edit: My mistake, the exact part number for the RH, Key cap cover is 69217-53021.

69217-53021-B0 is the 1G0 colour for your car.

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Thanks P007 but I am in Moruya, can you recommend a good wreckers that deliver I just checked a few and there are a few graphite (1go)  IS250s, I have extended warranty but why bother for such a small part cheers.

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I know General Japanese Spares ships and they have alot of stock.

To be honest I'd just go for a new part.

Wrecks could damage the part while popping it off and it's maximum $20USD in the states with some going for cheaper. You could check your local Toyota Parts dealer and quote them this part number.


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Hello P007 went down Toyota and the part No was wrong rang Lexus and had to order it, the part No he gave me is 69217-53011-BO thanks anyway, PS where do you get your part numbers from just interested for future reference cheers Neill. PPS cost is $20.

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Haha my bad, sorry about that.

I just google and manually look for the parts using sites like lexuspartsnow, etc. They're most US sites so maybe that's why the numbers didn't match.

Some parts are similar though.

Looks like I was off by 1 number haha.

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