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Production numbers of ISF


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I believe so... 

I'll try calling him, but will find a good day - as he always tries to sell me the RCF or LC500 - so it takes a while to discuss cars with him :) 

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Definitive advice from Lexus Customer Assistance Centre received 10 May 2017:

1086 IS-Fs were sold on the Australian market, LCAC were unable to obtain annual sales sub-totals. More than I anticipated, but that was based old thread ref above and what I heard from a dealer once.
Interestingly ever since I began looking around 2013-14 I noticed there are consistently 35-40 IS-Fs on carsales or ~3.5% of the total pool of cars in Australia.


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Nice find Monyx.  Wow those are low numbers over a 6 yr production period.  I know some years will be more than others but to average out to 180/yr shows how exclusive our cars really are.

Then again, even today Lexus really dont move big volumes of cars.  Too classy for the average punter and cant compete Germans for sales.  Then again no luxury brand is generally in the top 10 for Aussie car sales each month.

Even last month, April car sales was listed as:

1 Toyota 16,090 
2 Mazda 8630 
3 Hyundai 6850 
4 Holden 5804 
5 Ford 5802 
6 Mitsubishi 5470 
7 Kia 4120 
8 VW 3867 
9 Subaru 3854 
10 Nissan 3350
Toyota are always out in front with the Hilux and Corolla.  Mazda and Hyundai are generally closer but Mazda cemented itself clearly in 2nd position.  Kia often out of the top 10 so they had  a good month (will probably have a great sep/oct when the Stinger is finally realeased)
Honda never make a top 10 appearance anymore, maybe the new Civic will help (not my taste though, maybe when i was a teenager lol).  
Ford definitely picked up too, usually way behind Holden.  I know the Ranger doing great things for them sales wise.
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