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Gday all, i have a 1UZFE celsior, and its developed a cold stark knock after sitting a few days, and once warm..it has what i suspect is a light rod bearing knock?  Im new to these motors...so I have no previous experience diagnosing noises with it...any insight into this will be appreciated.  

I can hear this when im crouched down at the front wheel..or if i have the door open while warming up. If i stand up outside the car..i cant hear it.  Its sound is a "clack" and it rythum is..."clack clack clack...(pause)...clack clack...(pause)...clack clack clack"  this is only audible at idle.  There is also a slight motor vibration thru the car thats also developed in the same time frame... im unsure  if its related? The car runs and drives nicely otherwise.  

If this is a bearing failure...is it possible to just install a new set of shells?...provding the crank isnt scored or damaged?  

Thanks in advance.


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You could try disconnecting the auxiliary drivebelt(s) and see if the noise disappears....sometimes the noise can come from the crankshaft pulley breaking up under load.

Hydraulic engine oil problems usually are top end and have a light rattle sound, lower end problems are generally knocking sounds but don't usually go away

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Thanks mate...ill give that a shot aswel.

Allthough Ive had another listen to it..and im convinced its lower down..it cant be heard up top...and its only audible at idle.  Its just too much of a clack..rather than a tick....plus the cold start knock after sitting a few days.

 Do you know if its possible to replace rod bearing shells with the motor still in the car?. 

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