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Windscreen Coating, smearing etc.

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I'm finding it hard to get a clear wipe on my screen. IS350 F Sport 2011.

I've changed blade assemblies, scrubbed screen with diff chemicals etc, added bars bugs etc etc.

It looks like there is a coating over the whole screen that doesn't want to be removed.

I read that some Lexus models used to have an coating from the factory that wasn't removable but became an issue as it wears?

I also get poor vision if the sun is directly thru the screen, early in the day. Makes it look like its sand blasted but its not!

Any clues?


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Tried that and Prepsol.

Continuous use of bars Bugs has helped a little but it looks like there is a fine mist of overspray all over the screen but there isnt :(

I think it may be in the flexible layer between the laminated sheets.

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Ahhh fixed :)

Mixed up a paste from the grey ash from my wood fire, rubbed all over windscreen, washed off. 99% improvement.

There must of been a fine overspray from something all over the windscreen, may of been the Lexus coating??

Anyway can now see when sun on screen and raining :eek:

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Try Autoglym glass polish.Fixed my wipers skipping/grabbing on the screen.Think it's just an accumulation of road grime diesel etc.particularly if it hasn't rained for a while.

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Thanks Tony.

I tried bars Bugs neat earlier which has similar properties. 

I think ilv1004s is on the ball with overspray.

I will try  carefully with thinners another day. 

Panel shop told me to use 000 steel wool but I can find any that fine and they had none ;(

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Must be thinking alike :)

Got some tonight. Its like a fine pinky powder. Old name I think is Jewelers Rouge.

Came with an applicator block too. 

Dip damp block into powder and apply with block.

will try out on weekend.


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