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New LC On Display in Sydney

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Finally, more than four years after the LF-LC concept vehicle toured Australia, the new Lexus LC can now be seen at a Lexus dealership.

This weekend (18-19 February), the Lexus LC 500h will appear at Lexus of Parramatta.

I had a quick look at Lexus' new flagship coupe earlier today.  It's amazing how much they've carried over from the concept:  the overall shape, the huge wheels reaching almost as high as the bonnet, the 3-D tail lights, the flush door handles.  This coupe will definitely stand out on the road, no matter which angle you look at it.

The dashboard and switchgear are very different from previous Lexus models (or Toyotas, for that matter).  They have a more premium feel which are expected to filter down to other Lexus models in the future.

Here's some photos and videos taken today.  But if you're in Sydney over the weekend, it's definitely worth seeing for yourself.



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13 hours ago, Sparky said:

Wow.. The new dream car, more attainable than the LFA and probably 1/100th of the cost to run.

Fantastic.. John you should get one, then take me for a drive ha!

.........and after you get one John, give me your headers at mates rates haha

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1 hour ago, LTuned said:

It is a beautiful looking vehicle, & in a few years I could see myself in a nice white one.  

I will be seeing one soon.

Thats my boy!! Get it!! But yeah maybe let someone else take the initial depreciation hit, like im doing right now on my future gun metal grey fully options GSF.. :yahoo:

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Well Friday I saw the LC 500 V8, it looks better in the flesh.  it was deep blue in colour, with tan interior,  very comfy seats, great looking dash, colour heads up display, there is a volume control dial on the centre console, & was as smooth as silk to turn.  it was a very nice place to be, I didn’t want to get out.  I even gave it a few revs and it sounded good.  the 21inch wheel really suited it.

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