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Hi guys i need some assistance please. Earlier today when i was going to work, VSC symbol popped up on my dash and i spent all day watching youtube clips and calling a few mechanics to help me solve the issue with no resolution.

This is why i have signed up to this forum. 

I watched a clip on youtube and it said to unplug the battery and i did that, it got rid of the VSC symbol but it changed the idle for when i switch the car on and its making a tick tick noise from the engine bay. My mistake to think i could try to fix this so please. If someone out there can help me. Please i cant afford to take it to Lexus as i am time poor and theyll rip me off. I recently got it serviced at Toyota Berwick.

Please if someone could help, be greatly appreciated it. Thank you.

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well pulling the battery terminals out does reset your car

so the car is learning its mixtures and idling revs etc

give it a few days and it should go back to normal if not report back and well go on from there

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^^^^As above.ilv1004 s is right.Happened to me a few times with different cars over the years changing batteries etc.lower than normal idle even to the point of almost stalling.it's a bit unnerving when it happens the first time.

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On 3/16/2017 at 8:21 AM, RayRay said:

The check VSC signal is back and the idling still isnt 100%, still sitting at about 700rpm but after speaking to my mechanic. That isnt too bad.

Think mine idles about the same, maybe touch more.  I used to get the VSC signal monthly and i disconnected the battery etc as a quick fix (not ideal but was lazy lol).

Anyways noticed it after i got a catback exhaust (cooincidence maybe but there are anti foulers available).

Well i ended up getting a custom tune and not only did it make more power but the VSC signal hasnt come back since so double win for me haha.  

So good excuse to get it tuned :-)

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