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IS350 video out on the standard nav

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Hi guys, im looking to get some headrest monitors for the kids so they have something watch on long trips, what i would really like to do is integrate the factory nav system into the setup so i can control what the kids are watching from the front seat without having to reach over to the back and swap DVD's while im driving. I have a 2011 IS350 with the standard non ML nav meaning i cant play DVD's from it.

The easiest way i think would be to get one of the iVic products from vaistech. this would allow me to mirror an android device onto the nav screen and then play any video file i want while on the move has it had an override for that too. But this bring me to my next hurdle, how to i get a video feed from the nav screen to the headrests? I have been told the factory lexus Nav does nto have an AV out and neither does the iVic, im sure the would be a wire somewhere in teh factory loom for video i just need to know which one if is and tap into it, it seems like someone else has had this issue too and come up with a solution as per the below but this was on a ML system so it looks like it is possible as per the vid below....

Has anyone in Aus done this before and do you know which wire i would need for the video feed?



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