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Hi all , Name is mark and have just purchased at 2010 ISF . Been around cars awhile and always had Japanese imports . Attached is the car I have just purchased 




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Looks good and welcome to the forums.  Ive had my ISF now for just over a year and still enjoying it :-)

Looks like you already got an exhaust so you know how good they sound.

Whats next.............supercharge it..................lol, i would if i had the spare cash lying around lol

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1 hour ago, OzzyISF said:

Already bought a injen intake from the states and planning on a tune and or headers as well . That would be it engine wise. Beautiful cars

Yeah ive done similar.  Intake, wheels (bit more bling lol), exhaust, Oil air seperator, RR bushes, tune etc.

Headers give big gains just pricey to get done.

Personal preference thing but i also got a Apexi Throttle controller.  I love it, most do on whatever car it is.  Really increases throttle response.

Agreed great cars and very reliable (dont want the car in a shop more than on the road, which can happen lol)

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1 hour ago, OzzyISF said:

Throttle response sounds like a plan instead of headers . Where did you get your car tuned. Auto works Beverly hills

cheers mark 

Apexi throttle controller cheap too, about 250ish from memory and easy to install.  of course no more power but like sports button with extra :-)

Headers ultimately the way to go, no one disputes the power gains but it comes at a cost

I even had Liverpool exhaust quote me as they said they can build headers, same specs as PPE etc but cost was virtually the same

Yep Autowerks tuned mine.  Few of the others on the forums used him so took their advice and it worked out well.  Get the tune last once you got all the mods you think you'll be doing to save on $$.

There are a few others who can tune the ISF or put some kind of pre tuned map on but never tried them before and some of their power gain claims are quite big which im skeptical of.  Rather just look at the before and afters to see the real gains.

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Hello to all, I am a new member also, have been trying to post up my intro but have not been able to do so yet.

I am a long term Toyota sports car driver, collector & enthusiast, but as the years roll by I need a more comfortable & luxurious car.

I am interested in a UZZ 30 with a 1UZ-FE V8 Any people who can help with the finer points on this model, please tell me how I can start a new topic on the forum.

Many thanks for reading this post.

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