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Where to get a new Credit Card Smart Key

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Just sat down and there's a massive crack..... no, not that crack!

It was the snapping sound of the smart key card in my wallet.  Postmortem showed the power traces and the surface mount resistors were cut where it cracked. Not going to be able to fix that.

I love not having keys and only needing my wallet with me (with the smart card in it).

So where's the best place to buy a replacement from?  Am I on the ebay hunt or is there a better option?   I don't have to worry about the physical key as that didn't break, but I imagine I'm going to have to figure out how to program whatever card I buy to the car and figure that out???  Any advice there - easy to do? software needed? or something for the a dealer?  If I buy second hand will I be able to program an existing code to my car or are they linked to the original car and not re-writable?

I've got the HYQ14AEB style card which I think is the same frequency as the HYQ14ACX card.  I'm pretty sure all the other cards have a different frequency and won't work?





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For all your eBay genuine Lexus parts needs:


Those guys are amazing and cheap.. Quote the part number needed in a message to them, tell them the shipping address etc when getting a quote. Then get it programmed by Lexus when it arrives. Mine was $70 to program, for my ISF, delivered for around $270 AUS from memory..

They do all parts, for a fraction of what we pay locally.


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