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Headers for IS300?

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Anyone have experience with the 6-2 headers available for a pretty reasonable price on eBay?

There's a stainless set available for USD94.99 plus freight, and a black coated system that look more substantial, for USD118.89, but even more than this for freight.

Anyone fitted anything off eBay, or a locally manufactured set of headers? Would be interested to know rough budget, and noise/performance increases achieved.

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I don’t have an IS300, but I have the same 3 litre inline 6,  2JZ-GE engine in my 2003  GS300.  I have also looked for headers on eBay.   it’s amazing how cheap they are, and the headers for the IS300 look good.   but for some reason they advise the IS300 headers will not fit the GS300, and the ones that do fit the GS look awful.

I’m sure they will not be top quality for the price, but like you said they are stainless, & would be worth a try.   you will lose your front cats that are on the stock exhaust manifold.    If you do get them, keep your stock headers in the garage just in case. 

Good luck.

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