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* IS250 v CT200H?


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* Hi All,

Currently an RX owner and looking to purchase another 'commuter' lexus, with the field narrowed down to the above two models, so would very much appreciate your insight.

The kms will be all country @ 100kph, but with road surfaces fairly poor ie/ all sealed, but lots of bumps and repaired potholes.....SA has the worst road surfaces in Australia! 

The IS250 is a 2007 Sport Luxury @ around $15K, and the CT200H is from Lexus Adelaide at around the $22K mark.

Price is not so much the issue as you forget that pretty quickly when the driving experience takes over.

Look forward to your feedback!


Cheers.....Paul K.

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I used to get almost 750km a tank (66L) in my IS250 and I know the CT has around 45L... with real world consumption of around 6-7L/100... CT really saves the fuel costs around city driving but I know Hybrids generally don't save us much on the highway. With the 7k you save on the 250 you can put toward I guess maintaining the vehicle and putting toward extra fuel tank costs... The CT is a newer car and has better fuel consumption but the IS250 is known to be reliable, bigger, and fuel savings aren't as big considering the 7k difference. Though being older there are a few things I would check on the IS250. Service history, has the transmission oil been changed? Many 250s have carbon build up and chew through engine oil.

But having driven both... the V6 in the 250 is mighty smooth. A lot more smoother than the 4cyl in the CT, is more comfortable, and has more power (to get you up hills and across lanes and such).

What trim option is the CT? I'd also imagine maintenance on the CT is cheaper than the 250 and hybrid batteries have at least 10 years of warranty...

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i would go for a 2011 ct200h over a 06 is250

ct is much more modern in design

better nav system

ct will probably will do around 1000km out of a tank

where the is250 will do around 500-600 km depend how u drive it

loses out on power but the is250 isnt a real performer either

ct actually has better leg space and room in the back

though the CT200h is alot more noiser car and does feel like a cheaper car though

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