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Hey guys

Was hoping someone can give me some insight on what i should do. I've had my IS250  since 2012, no issues whatsoever its been a beast of a car. I love it. But! And here it comes for the last month or so I've had a VSC light come on constantly at first i thought nothing of it cause I've had it pop up before for it to disappear a day or two later but for the last month its been on constant, didnt drive it much finally managed to go to my service place (Castl Hill Toyota) to get the problem assest, after running it on the diagnostics machine all the codes coming back were pointing to the gearbox so they refereed  me to australia transmission center in parramatta because they don't work on transmissions. So i went there today only to get the worst news my gearbox is on the way out and needs replacing the price he gave me is ridiculous though he said if you do it, you need to do it properly and quoted around $5500. 

I knew it would be expensive if it was the gearbox but surely its not that much? I was thinking around the $3000 mark. 

Worst thing is i just got married and have a kid of the way. 


Any suggestions? 




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if the gearbox is playing up codes are coming up its pretty much passed the point of repair

your best option would be a 2nd hand g box

depends where u get it from and how old

another point to make

the gearbox is no sealed for life as they say

just like all moving parts with fluids it needs servicing

and gearbox oil flush will set u back $600ish inc genuine fluids

but for the OP's problem there really isnt any point replacing the oil in your current g box

i sugess get a new 2nd hand box spend some extra cash on getting it flushed out while its being installed

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Thanks for the suggestion guys.

Getting a second even a third opinion is what I've been doing since yesterday. 

Its crazy out there been getting quoted anywhere from 1200-5500. I don't know who to believe.

So this is what im gonna do.

I found a local mechanic that my brother in law uses and swears by him. He can pick me up a second hand gearbox for around $600-$800, then I'll just be paying for labour he said around $600 and he'll give me 3 months warranty. 3 months is the only thing that worries me. But i think I'll take my chances with that.


What do you guys think?


Oh and he said the gearbox he'll get will be around 80,000km used

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Also for peace of mind get a Trans shop to flush it thru. Cost between $460 and $650 here in Melbourne. $340 to $450 for just a drain, filter and refill.


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No need to service or PROPERLY flush the gearbox Lexus say... Bull*BLEEP* I say!!.

At 150,000 gentle Hwy kms, my auto had black/brown *BLEEP*ty oil come out of it after ringing around the Lexus and some Toyota dealerships to be told just that, "It is not needed and cannot be thoroughly flushed"...Total Rubbish I thought in a modern world. 

After hunting around I was recommended to a business in Dandenong by a A1 mechanic, I rang, booked it in then there, where I stood and watched the procedure from the sidelines. Yep black oil was pumped out with the engine running and litres of new red oil pumped in. A new gearbox filter was also installed and all good to go again for $400.00

Very Happy and I'll be back at 200,000kms for another change to see the colour of it after 50,000kms   

I have no affiliation with the business I have listed below, they just provided very good efficient service.

Kewish Transmission - 29 Amberley Cresent Dandenong - 97932220


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This is so true got my ISF flushed at a good auto gearbox shop took 11 litres, the funny (annoying ) thing was the local Toyota dealer didn't no what WS oil was, I had to take a picture with the part number down to them (thanks for the person on this forum for posting the pic ) cheers. 

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Yep. You're all right. Got it done! 

Gearbox changed, oil flushed.

Its only been two days and i can already notice a massive difference! Firstly  when i used to take off from a set of lights for example my car usedto drag back, like something was holding it back now i just tap the accelerator and it guns! And second and most important thing when its changing gears its much more smoother. When i got my IS it was at 62,000km it actually feels like that again. 

Hope i have no issues.


Thanks for the advice guys!

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Well done and so glad to hear, oh and good on you for stepping outside the box and getting it done instead on going by the dealer service book internals and completely ignoring it altogether. Preventative maintenance is bloody cheap!! - Cheers   

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