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Acceleration pedal and engine response


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Hi all, 

I just purchased my is250 2007 model and love it. There is one small thing that does annoys me slightly and that is when i push my acceleration pedal down for about 2cm or so the engine does not rev to it and its like pushing down but nothing happens. 

On my cars ive had where the slightest touch the engine is insync with the pedal. 

I do know there is no throttle cable on the is250 so thats something i cant 'tighten'

Is there any way to make it more sensitive or as soon as you touch/push down the engine is insync with it? 


Ive tried googling and searching non stop. 

Much appreciated :) 

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It's a 250, they never intended to have response sorry lol there are a few throttle controllers on the market that might help towards what you are looking for.. do they work? Couldn't tell you

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Yeah unfortunately the IS250 hasnt got an overly sensitive accelator feel and wasn’t supposed to.  I have an ISF which is a lot livelier but I still fitted an Apexi throttle controller as it works being drive by wire.  For me it’s great.  With sports mode it’s like the car is on steroids and very sensitive so I’m sure it will help with your situation.  They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other modifications. 

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