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Sydney Lexus Meet Up


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Hey Guys, 

It feels like for ever since we had a Sydney Lexus meet up. 

Looking at organising one. Same regular meet up spot. Maybe go for a cruise later on. Did a drive to the beaches that was great a few weeks ago. 

How much notice does everyone need?

Let me know who's keen and we can talk dates

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I go to Wakefield park on a regular basis, it's a good way to go safely fast.

How about Speed off the Streets in September ?

August 24 - Speed off the Streets Thursday 24th August
September 8 - https://wakefieldpark.com.au/event/test-and-tune-23/ [Friday]

I also make Social Video's for the other groups I'm in like

It's more fun the more the same cars that you have.

If nothing else, using Wakefield Park for going fast is much better than using the streets.

Please forgive my non-Lexus video, hope to fix this soon.

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Hey this sound good get a group of us club day would be awesome. I have been around the track in the V8,s they hire, and it was a blast drove it like I stole it and it scared the sh#T OUT OF ME come on someone get this going PLEASE cheersNeill.

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An alternate to the "Go Fast" track day............... which lets' everyone join in 

You like driving?

You like twisty, windy roads?

You like coffee?

Got cobwebs in your pipes?

Meet at McDonalds Rouse Hill, cruise up the twisting Putty Road to very popular Grey Gum Cafe, about 80km run, for coffee/lunch......a few country pics   ....... then cruise home. Lots of twists and turns, amazing scenery, not many cars on the road, good fun, toilets, a bit of country fun but not too far away.................... The whole thing is half a day so not stealing too much of your xbox time.... very family friendly 

Better that standing around in a parking lot and a lot more fun....   

Just a thought



Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 10.12.42 am.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 9.59.29 am.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 9.44.59 am.png

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If enough interested Danny and I will make it happen. Be ready for an early start (9am?) to keep the day shorter and sunnier. Saturday or Sunday is ok.... 

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