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I haven't brought a car in a long time and I am thinking of buying a IS250.

Looking at around 2008 ish,  I am not an enthusiast by any means, just like the look of them.


So based on the fact this is a older car but with a strong pedigree, how many KM's is too many for engine wear?

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Well i bought my 2006 at a very good price because it had 200,000 kms, still feels like new, smooth as silk and no rattles or odd noises. Id prefer lower KMS sure, but if looked after we know that a petrol engine can get an easy 1,000,000 and everything else is just general wear and tear over time and use.

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These days k's definitely don't matter as much as they used to as long as the car has been well maintained. I don't mind going for higher ks stuff because usually if something was going to fail it would've probably done it already and thus been replaced

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I'm selling my MY07 IS250X, got a bit of km on it but extremely well maintained, zero accident.


Will be parting it out if no taker this weekend.

William - 0408 266 666

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