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Read a bit more, they do produce a bit more power and a lot of problems as well. installed correctly with after market cats no problem, no change out of $4000 for a small gains unless full tuned.($2000+ ) Plus if you have a JOE Z exhaust it make it too loud for a DD. OK for the first month it will sound great and then you get sick of the drone and the loouuuuddddd noise. Tell me if you want to go for it.

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Nothing wrong with PPE headers or the JoeZ exhaust.   I cannot think of any problems they cause.  unless you call more power & a great sound a problem.     They even sound good when you’re driving around in traffic, & the drone is not to bad once you get a few thousand km on them.  it’s only loud if you rev the ISF out, & then it does sound great.   you can even get a varex type exhaust so it can be quiet if you want.   that’s the price you pay for extra kw, & they all add up, with or without a tune.  my tune was under $1800.oo, money well spent.       The RR Racing tune is even cheaper.  

if you want a quiet vehicle get a GS or LS.        

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