Please help me understand the variations of the IS250

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I’ll be picking up an IS250 pretty soon, but I’m STILL having trouble distinguishing between the models and respective features of this car.

Being a Lexus newbie that I am, I can seem to identify 5 potential models:

- Prestige 

- Sports

- Sports Luxury

- X

- F Sport

Firstly, am I correct in assuming that I have listed the models above from lowest class to highest class? If not, what would be the correct order?

Secondly, there are so many different interior color options, but which would be my best bet of finding black on black? I’ve seen a few X models in black and red which I dislike.

Ill be going for something 2010 -2013 if that makes any difference.

Thanks all

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theres a stick on the forum

please read

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