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Hi there,

I previously had my 2012 Lexus IS350 F Sport raised by *suspension shop* as a quick fix due to the front tyres rubbing on the fender liner and metal tab (connecting bumper to fender). This was causing noise and slight tyre shredding when going over sharp bumps and turning hard into corners.

Car still doesn’t look or feel quite right, so I’m looking at:

-          Front fender rolling

-          Shaving down the metal tab on front and relocating the screw as far inwards as possible with small bolt and nut or similar fix

-          Removing front fender liners, and replacing with bed liner spray or similar if required to protect wheel well

-          Lowering coilovers by 15mm all round (takes clearance back down to around 103mm ground clearance – still legal height)

-          Wheel alignment

-          Corner balance (maybe)

-          Possibly front and rear aftermarket sway bars to assist with body roll

-          Not sure if something like toe/camber need to be adjusted slightly in the rear, as back slides out when pushing hard through some turns

Could you guys please advise if you know who could perform this work and how much it would be. 

Any form of advice regarding anything that I mentioned would be greatly appreciated.


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