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Hi all,

When i purchased my ISF, i noticed when i removed the engine cover there was a slight crack with my wiring harness protector.  It also had a cable tie.  It was out of sight out of mind kind of thing for me at the time so i left it for the time being.

Anyway recently fitted a Takeda intake so had to remove the cover, noticed it again and whilst it had not got worse, it annoyed me so googled for a replacement part.

I thought i was an isolated incident but this has happened to many in the US, generally by the dealers there as it had to be removed for a fuel pressure sensor recall.  From what ive read this piece of plastic becomes very brittle with heat and age so its common for it to break or crack upon removing it.

I just wanted to see if anyone else has this issue?

Well if so, i called Lexus parts and service and was advised there is no part available in the country and it would take approx a few weeks for it to arrive from Japan if ordered.  The details are:

Cost = $142.65

Part # 82817-30L40 (U shape design)

Heres mine: 



Heres a few others from the US:




Picture of the wiring and why its important to ensure its covered in the harness protector


What the replacement part looks like


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1 hour ago, Babalouie said:

Did it take long to replace it?

Havent done it yet.  Mine is still as per 1st pic.

Just sharing the info in case others are in the same situation so more curiuos if anyone else has the issue.

Will be replacing mine though as i can see a crack on top, cable tie etc but not sure how much its damaged underneath and dont want to remove it to see given a few have said it will probably crack more removing it so wont even attempt it until i have the replacement in hand

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You made me check mine last night.....thankfully mine is undamaged and still looks to be ok.

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