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1st Car - '07 IS250


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Hi all,

About a week ago, i picked up an Charcoal Grey '07 IS250 with roughly 50,000kms on it in prestine condition with a few minor flaws here and there but nothing major. As i would like to maintain and nurture this car as it is the first car i have bought, any tips on what are some imminent checks i should be doing and at where i can get cheap quality servicing within the Sydney Area?

I have to replace the tyres, get a spare key made and fix the backseat armrest as it is not bolted on correctly and not functioning as it should. I also feel a slight "letting go" of the steering wheel when i am at the last part of the right turning circle. Any help would be greatly appreciated and happy to be part of the club!

Please excuse the stock carsales photo - i believe they take better photos than i could haha

car stock photo.jpg

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Welcome to the Club.  That's not a lot of k's after 11 years - you've done well to find one like that!  And your first car - congratulations!

Firstly, as far as "imminent checks" go, let's see what's public knowledge on what to look out for:


Hmm ... All generic tips for used-car buyers.  Nothing of note.


It mentions issues with:

  • Windscreen clips and fading LED needles.  I'm not aware of either issue.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.  Well, if you can successfully pair your smartphone, then you don't have the problem.
  • Malfunctioning entertainment system.  That such problem has been occasionally reported here.  Toyotas and Lexus cars are renowed for mechanical reliability; if something's going to fail, I put my money on the electronics.  Not much you can do, as far as a mechanic checking the system as part of preventative maintenance.
  • Numerous recalls - see note on mechanics below.

That leaves two issues commonly mentioned in this forum:

1.  Carbon build-up.  Search for "buildup" on this forum, and you'll find quite a few threads about the topic.  Symptoms include a shudder on startup on a cold morning, increased fuel consumption and decreased performance (although you won't know the latter two for sure until you've owned the car for a while).  An upper engine clean is the most commonly recommended remedy; either get your mechanic to perform it, or DIY using Subaru upper engine cleaner.  In terms of prevention, opinion is divided.  Some recommend using a premium oil; personally, I recommend following Lexus' instructions, which is a semi-synthetic 10W-30 oil - with less viscosity modifiers, it's less likely to burn off under high temperatures and leave carbon deposits.  Some also recommend flooring the accelerator from time to time; I'm not sure if it helps, but it can't hurt.  Apart from the rotten egg smell.  Which leads me to ...

2.  Rotten egg smell.  Some say it's because of the dual OEM catalytic converters; others say it's the OEM resonator.  Replacing one of these has seen mixed results, but replacing the entire mid-pipe section with e.g. Invidia seems to do the trick.  Search for "smell".  If it annoys you, but you're looking for a low-cost solution, note that the smell is worst when you accelerate strongly after a period of conservative driving; so the cheapest solution may be to avoid driving conservatively! 😄

I don't have cheap mechanics to recommend - perhaps others here do.  You may be well served seeing a Toyota dealer at least once - they are slightly cheaper than Lexus dealers, and should perform any outstanding recall fixes for free.  Under normal circumstances, the 75,000/5-year logbook service is one of the most expensive, as the fuel filter beneath the rear seat needs to be replaced.  Check your logbook to see whether this has been done yet; if not, save up and be prepared to get the service done soon.  You have two choices; either choose a Toyota/Lexus dealer who will know how to do the job, but will charge accordingly; or find a mechanic who might not know how difficult the job is, who will underquote but offer a fixed price quotation, yet will (hopefully!) still do the job well while saving you money.

I hope I haven't put you off your purchase - the numbered issues above are relatively minor, and it may be just the one scheduled service that will hit your hip pocket for years to come.


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That's a top write up ^^^^ just use good synthetic oil and don't baby the engine ( carbon build up) Do your own service its very easy if your mechanically minded enjoy. 

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