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9 hours ago, banserki said:

Did you manage to get the reverse camera working? I have a feeling RHD cars will have an issue as no americans have come up with this problem.

My reverse camera works perfect.  All OEM functions are as they were prior to the install, i cant think of anything that ive lost due to the Vline.

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On 3/22/2019 at 10:01 AM, _ISF said:

@BLK ISF how is this going 6 months on? I am still interested in buying one of these but still a bit skeptical.

Hi mate, well ive had it running in my car now for about 9 months.  I really have to think hard about the minor issues ive had.  Certainly not as bad as some venting on the US forums.  I think like anything, you always read about the bad/negative vs the positive.  Im sure many have it installed and dont even follow the forums or post etc.

I do think its a bit over priced, id feel like id get more for my $ if i had an aftermarket unit that i could physically see but the big benefit i wanted was that i wanted it discreet and to look OEM and the Vline achieves that perfectly.

Overall i am happy and still have no regrets.  Its my daily ride and i use Waze for Navigation (leaves the OEM nav well behind, live alerts etc).  I also use Spotify a fair bit which works great, sharing playlists between my mobile and car.  Also use an aftermarket launcher, web radio, youtube for my kids and occasional movie streaming when im waiting in the car.  Otherwise i would hardly use the OEM unit as it cant do much.  

It rarely fails and the few times it has, a normal restart of the car resolves it (not rebooting of the unit though).  I dont mind their after sales support.  They have been prompt when i ask something and when i did have 1 issue, they emailed me an update file with clear instructions how to reboot my unit with this update and it resolved that issue.

Ok some gripes/issues i have had:

1. A few times i would not have audio.  No music or audio for the sat nav.  This happened a couple of times but the update file GROM sent me resolved it.  At least 3 months on without any reoccurence of this

2. This is a gripe.  Whenever a native feature enables the screen, it reverts back to the OEM maps.  I then have to hit audio to enter Vline mode.  Ok not a big deal but where it gets annoying is when im on call.  The telephone screen appears and you cant remain the call and use mapping or anything at the same time.  So if you were heading somewhere unknown relying on the map, well you couldnt.  Also if i go through a drive through and my parking sensors go off, once i exit, i have to select Vline mode again.

3. There is an upgrade available to V8 but been advised we need to pay for it via an SD card.  If not formatted correct, it could brick our device.  Im in no rush, what i use it for works great so doesnt bother me.

Cant think of any other issue.  Overall it makes driving for me much better and generally always works.  OEM functions work as they did before (aircon, rev camera etc), much better music options, i can still use CD's if i wanted, music and mapping etc all work great so im happy.  I have 80gb per month on my phone plan that i hardly touch so even using hotspot in the car as much as i do barely makes a dent.

Also like that its small so i dont lose any storage where i have mine mounted and its easy to get too.

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14 hours ago, GC-is250 said:

Hi Mate, I saw you mentioned you paid $790 for the unit. Now on their website is $990, do you reckon under this price still worth buying? And how much roughly did you pay for installation? 

Paid $799 and $10 postage back in Jul18 (although paid $781, cant remember why, thats whats on my statement).

Paid about $130 for the install (about 2 hrs but got a dash cam fitted same time).  No problems regarding the install and was appreciative of the idea of placement of the unit as i still retain my storage (what little we have) and is very easy to get to.

Is it worth buying, hmm how long is a piece of string?  Really depends on what you want to use it for, how often etc.  Im sure you'll get divided opinions on this.

As its all hidden, it doesnt feel like value for money as there is no visible hardware, big screen, new controls to play with etc.  On the other hand its a unique product in what it does, retaining the OEM appearance perfectly.  There is no way anyone would know i have it installed and i can still use all OEM functions so any passengers would have no idea until i activate Vline mode.  I like that its OEM in appearance.  I saw the Beatsonic extra screen options but thought it cheaped the look (personal tastes)

I think 1k is alot, even what i paid i thought it was a bit rich.  Its a hard justify for the price hike given what extra you get.  I think some more RAM, perhaps upgrade processor (havent checked) but mine doesnt lag anyway.  I mean i use it when driving so im not constantly pressing many buttons like you would a phone etc.  New ones are pre loaded with Android 8 but again, i personally dont have an issue with what its running.  Id rather wait until its more stable before paying for upgraded firmware.

Bottom line, i paid the $800ish and whilst pricey i have no regrets as i hated the OEM unit.  Its very outdated, the maps are not good (i even had the latest maps), CD for music is quite old and i didnt want to have to plug all sorts of devices in to stream etc.  With hotspot i can play music from webradio, spotify so easily that i dont bother plugging anything in.  I like hassle free.  I just get in my car, and once booted it all works.  

My car is a daily so i use it all the time so that made it easier to justify the purchase.  If a weekend car, i probably wouldnt have bothered.

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Just curious if anyone local (vs the US) has it installed and running the latest Android updates.  I believe all new VLines are preloaded with the latest software.  I havent bothered updating as everything i use it for works just fine.

Even recently installed Netflix which the kids love watching and even i get to catchup on some series whilst waiting for the kids at school pickups etc lol.  Movie streaming working well as well so just seeing if anyone is running the newer Android OP system and is happy/annoyed with it???

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Forgot to update here for those who dont have FB or Instagram.  Just wanted to share now all is working well.

Another use for my Vline.  As per my pic, i can now control my exhaust valves through the OEM screen, its a novelty but quite cool.

Driven past police a few times and could easily close the valves so it became very quiet but then press 100% moments later and it was loud again.  Last thing i want to do is reach for my phone to operate it with police nearby so this setup is working out quite well for me.


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13 hours ago, Ruben Skoljarev said:

Hi, Does the display dims itself while in VLine mode when your turn or you headlights?

Nope, headlights on or off makes no difference 

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I have been reading about Grom but there is something I cannot answer.

I have even asked them, they simply said “All stereo functions will be working the same way” without much detail.

Without VLine my “Audio” button takes me to a screen menu where I have tabs for AM, FM, CD, AUX, USB. 
AM gives me access to memorise 6 radios and jump from one directly to another, FM gives me 2 sets of 6 memories, CD allows me to select which CD, etc. for each set I can customise individually front-rear, left-right, bass, mid, and treble settings.

If pressing “Audio” will enter in VLine mode, then how will I be able to get back to the Factory menu for all audio source options?

Will pressing Audio twice take me to the factory menu?

Or will I be losing the ability to memorise radios and customise the sound settings for AM, FM, CD once VLine gets installed and therefore the “Audio” button gets reassigned to enter VLine?


Could any of the VLine users explain this? My car is a 2012 IS350 with Navigation and standard sound (non ML)

Many thanks


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Hi Ruben,

My car is a 08 ISF, so my ML system is different to yours being a 12 however i beleive some of the functionality will be the same.

Ok, GROM is right in saying that all stereo functions will be working the same way but yes they are missing some extra details.

To initially launch the VLine, the Audio button has nothing to do with this.  Pressing Audio will simply change from radio presets etc as you have described as Vline is not activated yet.  It will just toggle through the modes as per your OEM stereo setup.

To launch Vline in the first instance, you need to press Aux/CD button (well on my ML system, thats how its done).  This will boot Vline and from there, pressing Audio becomes a shortcut to return to Vline after entering any other OEM function like aircon or when a proximity sensor goes off (such as a drivethru) or even reversing because the camera kicks in.  Everytime i reverse out of my driveway and then enter D, i need to press audio to enter Vline again otherwise it remains in OEM ML mode.

Pressing Audio from now on will have nothing to do with your OEM ML setup.  To use your OEM radio functions again, you need to exit Vline by pressing the Aux/CD (as in my case) and then pressing audio toggles through the radio presets etc.

This setup works well for me so i can use Vline always without having to turn it on so to speak.  If a OEM function interrupts it, its a matter of pressing 1 button (Audio) to get back into it.  If for whatever reason i want to exit Vline, i just press Aux and now Vline will not funciton.  All buttons will operate OEM ML functions (besides Aux of course), which will re-enter Vline.

Hope that makes sense.  

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12 hours ago, Woofy said:

Love this in our is250c 2012, where did you put the unit? Anyone in melb who would be good to install? The price has sure crept up

Sorry cant help regarding Melb installer as im Syd based but regarding where mine is mounted.  Well im not sure about a 250 but i can tell you the ISF has hardly any decent storage compared to the average daily car.  So i didnt want to lose my glove box etc.

The installer found a good place for mine which is neatly tucked away, easy to access in about 30 seconds if that so i can connect other things to it when i want and all has been working well for the 1yr + ive had it.

When the carpet is tucked in, there is no bulge at all, you wouldnt know.  Since the install ive installed some new diamond mats which makes it even harder to know but as said, even without it, you couldnt tell, it tucked in the gap neatly

Also attached a side shot looking straight down, cant be seen anything is hidden underneath the carpet/mat




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Hi guys, I'm new here and just got myself a used 2007 LS600hl. I want to upgrade the head unit as there are no bluetooth audio only phone connect.

My car has the rear entertainment package so its got the rear screen. My question is will the rear screen still works after installed the Vline like to play Netflex from the rear screen for the kids? 

Thanks a lot for your help :)

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Another use, started using the Torque app on the Vline with a OBD2 adaptor.  Havent had a chance to setup some custom themes just yet but eventually ill get that R35 dash look lol.  Quite cool to see RPM, voltage, AFR, temps etc.


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Just wanted to share my experience with VLine2.

I bought it, installed, it never worked properly in my car, battled it with support on a daily basis for over 2 weeks, and ended up returning it. 

The main problems I found:
1- Installed out of the box: screen blinked. Support sent me a firmware update that fixed the blinking.
2- Half the time, VLine would not start, just hanged. Every time this happened I had to fully stop the car and start again. Not resolved.
3- Reverse required getting out of VLine before engaging R if I wanted to get reverse camera image. A real pain when you spot a parking space while driving. Not resolved.
4- Android Auto: google assistant, maps, weather, etc.: only fragments of sentences were audible. The first second or two were never audible.  Not resolved.
5- In 2 occasions I had reverse camera image no matter in what gear position I was. Car restart reset it.

Support was responding, they had the alternative firmware for the blinking available. That was quick.
After that, even though they responded the messages, responses weren’t useful. They asked me for information and to do things that lead nowhere.

I returned it before the 30-day trial period expired. At least, I got the USD 550 I paid for it back; I lost the cost of shipping it from and back to the US.

I believe there are many variations of the same radio; they developed it using an early one where it does work. In my car being a 2012, it was a disaster specially considering it is not cheap.






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Damn, sorry to hear you had so much issues with it.  Ive had mine running for about 1.5 yrs now with minor issues and they have been resolved so ive been hassle free for most of the year.

Ive read that a few had reverse camera issues.  Touch wood ive never had that issue.  My rev camera always appears as it should like OEM.  Once i put it back to gear i just hit the auido button.  Beyond that my Vline starts up when i start the car and remains on unless an OEM function overides it like a phone call, parking sensors etc.

Dont use Android auto so cant comment on that one.

I assume the install was all done correctly?  Im not too audio tech minded so i had mine professionally installed.  Im sure its not complicated given how quick the guy installed mine but still.

I just got myself a OBD adaptor so i use it for all sorts of sensor info on screen, even got poor mans LFA tacho on my screen lol.

Glad they atleast refunded you but pity it didnt work for you as it has for me.



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Reverse camera problem was introduced by the firmware update they sent me to stop the screen blink.

When initially installed, reverse camera worked as expected but all VLine screens blinked every 3 seconds; they sent me that patch to stop the blinking; that is when the camera issue started.

Installation is plug and play; the time consuming part is to get all bit and pieces out and back in carefully not leaving any marks.

Android Auto is the best idea in my opinion; you just ask Google to take you to an address rather than typing it. And it is the phone actually doing the work.

Also, the screen layout is nicer. When you are looking at them map, you get a bar with the music controls and vice-versa.

AA worked but the first few seconds of every sentence where not audible; as if the communication channel used for the voice needs to be reconnected for every sentence rather than been available all the time.

There is also the other inconvenience you mentioned: a phone call takes the screen and you get nothing else (no GPS)

Believe me, I tried all possible things I could think of for every problem.

I had high expectations for it... 

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Shame the update they sent just caused other issues.  I remember a while back i had sound issues but they sent an update and it fixed it no issues.  Since then i cant recall any probs with mine touch wood.

I may have to invest some time looking into Android Auto.  Dont get me wrong, im familiar with it, seen it on the phone etc but dont use the unit much whilst driving so havent had that need.  Dont need Android auto for voice recognition.  I never type an address in.  I use the mic setup and voice my destination or if on Youtube etc, just voice the song, clip im after.  Dont really type much on their.  Even spotify etc, i use voice commands.

I mostly use Spotify and as its integrated into Waze, i havent had the need to explore other options, audio control with Waze running is no issue or just using the Steering wheel controls once the playlist i want is selected.

As mentioned though, my gripe is when i call comes in, it stays in phone mode and waze or whatever im running is put on hold.  I can see how it would annoy some.  Fortunately its not a huge deal for me as, i dont take too many urgent calls whislt driving that cant wait but a workaround solution to put the call screen in the background would be good.

So whats next, Vaistech, Beatsonic???

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On 10/7/2019 at 1:27 AM, BLK ISF said:

So whats next, Vaistech, Beatsonic???

I don't have any plans now; I want to keep the OEM look.

My main interest was to have updated maps and been able to control Tune-In from the screen.

I have had a TP-Link for Audio device that allows me to listen to mobile content via Bluetooth. This works flawlessly but you need to control it from the phone.

Maybe when Australia v25 are released I will consider buying it. Lexus asked for AUD 430 for the v24 which is more than 6 month old now.

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