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is350 brake pads - same as is250?

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So im looking for front brake pads for my 2011 is350 f sport, however almost every site i see only lists the is250

i remember reading somewhere that the pads for both models are the same, could anyone confirm?

ive decided to go with bendix general ct for around $80. i spend a majority of my time in peak hour traffic so i dont see the point in getting super high performance pads that only work when warmed up + throw out heaps of dust (had ebc green stuff many years ago and had to clean my rims twice a week, not doing that again!)


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4 hours ago, ilv1004s said:

u can get genuine pads from lexus for just over 100 AUD


Would you recommend to buy them as a replacement? I've looked into EBC Red Stuff and not sure which would be better regarding braking, dust minimization and value for money.

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with the EBC unless you upgrade your rotors to something decent DBA t2 or something

i would stick with oem

EBC pads on OEM rotors will not be good as they will chew through the rotors being a much harsher material

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This is filtered to show options for the IS350. I have had good experience with Remsa and the Bremtec Euroline pads so i wouldnt have any problem recommending either of those brands. I currently have the Bremtec's fitted to my ISF as well as my wifes Audi.

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On 10/31/2018 at 3:22 PM, ilv1004s said:


IS350 runs bigger pads 4 pots

u can get genuine pads from lexus for just over 100 AUD


 I purchased the bendix db1852 gct. Is this the wrong brake pad for an f sport?


IS (2005 On) [GSE2_, ALE2_, USE2_]
250 (GSE20) {153 kW} RWD Sedan [GSE20]

4 Door Models

4 Pads 155 x 60 x 18 mm

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