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Tilting steering wheel hesitates during engine start

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Hey all,

Relatively new owner of an old 2007 is250 sports luxury. It has the telescopic steering wheel that lowers on start. 

I'll try post a video of this tomorrow if my below description causes confusion (and I'm not even sure it's an issue); but when I get in the car, I place my foot on the brake and press the start engine button. What happens is the steering wheel will begin the lower, pause as the engine turns and after the engine starts only then will it continue to move to my default setting.

Is it normal for the steering wheel to hesitate during the engine start process? If I just turn on accessory power it does not hesitate at all. I'm a little worried about the telescopic mechanism wearing out as I am hearing some squeaking.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hey mate, I'd say it's turning over relatively quickly? In the video it's about low 20 degrees, perhaps I'm wrong.

I only got this car back in December 2018 so not entirely sure when the battery was replaced but it has a century ns70l if that helps?

Could it be as simple as replacing the battery?

Cheers mate!


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To rule it out try with a jumper att to another batt. but it does start nice and quick on your vid.

Maybe its normal on an 250? Need another owner to read post.

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That's a good idea - thanks for the suggestion! I'll See if it works! Cheers bazzle

If any other is250 owners with the same feature could confirm whether or not this is standard behaviour that would be awesome!

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