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The wheels on my 2012 IS 350X have sadly developed so much gutter rash that i had to get  a quote to repair and repaint them....Yikes !

Its been suggested that for a few more $$$ i could fit new wider rims.I've been looking at many brands and styles but i most like the look of the Work Emotion CR Kiwami.

The problem is i cant find anywhere that definitively tells me what offset will be suitable for my car,and the places that sell them are only online for me here in Brisbane.

I've spoken to them on the phone but they don't offer information on suitable fitments.  Its all your own risk.... and at a couple of grand for a set of rims ,its a big gamble to order a set and then be stuck with them if they don't fit.  They did suggest i take it somewhere and have it measured.So i took the car to two places i thought might be familiar with this issue .. but it was obvious they would only be guessing and didn't have any set procedure for determining what offsets will fit my car

As the IS 350X has the bigger caliphers on the front ,comparisons with other models with the smaller caliphers is no use at all either.

I was looking at a set of 18 x 9.5" ET +30 to maybe +38 .

I also realise i could opt for an offset closer to the original +45 on the fronts and +50 on the rears ...but i kinda like the look of the concave rims and high offsets just arn't going to do it.


Is there any information out there (or in here) regarding width and offsets that will suit my vehicle or could people let me know what offsets work on their car providing they have the bigger caliphers as per the Fsport or the 350X MODELS

My car is stock height and i have no intention of lowering it so guard clearance should not be a factor.

I have one other question about stretching tyres ...but i'll leave that for another post.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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Hi Bazzle,thanks for that link (and the other subtle dig) I appreciate you posting..

I had in fact trawled through those pages several times prior to posting ,but almost all bar 3 or 4 cars are using 19" or even 20" wheels.which of course makes their specification totally irrelevant to my situation,

Furthermore almost all of them don't have the bigger caliphers that X and F sport models do.

The closest i could find was a set of 18"  Volk wheels with +40 offset...again though not sure if this car had the bigger caliphers.

I was hoping to find a few sets of 18" wheels with lower offsets .I did find another one with +38 offset but cant actually see the image ...bummer

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Once when I too was trawling similar sites a year or so ago I found one that had a list  (table?) of rim sizes, offsets, tyre sizes etc that would fit with and without inner guard lip modding.

Ive had a search but Google just doesnt work like it used too:(

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ok heres some info

1. All IS350's have big brakes they are not only limited to F sport and X models

2. if you want wheels to clear you need the right disc type on the wheels itself for work wheels

3. a good fitmemt size on a is350 with minmal lowering is 9 width front and 10 width back with mid to high 30's offset ie 35 onwards to 40

if you want to lower your car and not have any fitment issues with the guards i suggest 8.5 and 9,5 rears with around mid 30's offset

any lower offset you will have to roll the guards and run camber


if damaged wheels are the only reason why you want to change the wheels

i suggest getting another set of wheels in better condition as they are around and expect to pay around 1K more or less depending on the tyres it has

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Ok thanks for that great info Danny.

I’m not sure what you mean though when you say” you need the right disc type on the wheels itself for work wheels” can you further explain that for me please.

I like your suggestion of 9” front wheels and 10” rears but it’s very had to find those widths in any of the brands I’ve been considering eg Work,Rota,ESR....they seem to only do half sizes like 8.5”.....9.5”.......10.5”  etc etc

I was trying to use my original tyres on any new rims I buy,but that seems increasing optomistic.

I think I could put my front tyres 235x40x18 on a 8.5” ,maybe even on a 9” rim ........but I don’t think my rear 255x40x18’s will stretch safely/legally onto a 9.5”.....stand to be corrected on that one though if others have experience there.

I did talk to JNC in the US who make a lot of OEM wheels for just about every car manufacturer, and they also do a range of ‘after market ‘ wheels in 9” and 10” widths etc ....and are very reasonably  priced .....but with everything here...the Aussie dollar makes importing them as dear as a set of Work wheels.

Your confirmation about the +30 and above offsets confirms the conclusion I had come to as well,so thanks for that.....it’s very reassuring .A lot of the wheels I’m looking at have +35 or+38 offsets.

As for buying a replacement set of Lexus rims....I have kept my eye out but the one or two I’ve seen on EBay wanted ridiculous money ($500+) for just one wheel.If I’m going to spend that I would rather a nicer/wider looking wheel for nearly the same money.

I have seen the occasional set of F sport rims come up but again usually pricey considering I don’t really want their rubber (my Michies are only 2 months old) and besides I’m always too slow .

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