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12V replacement battery for RX450H


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I tried to hardwire a blackvue dashcam to my 2016 RX450h with power magic pro. Sometimes the dashcam cut off halfway due to voltage drop below 12V. Was thinking to replace the 12V battery down the track but was shocked by the price quoted by Lexus service department. 
I was quoted ridiculous AUD$2400 to replace the battery! I then confirmed with the guy it's not HV battery and it's 12V battery! He told me Lexus only gives 2 years warranty for battery now and I am no longer covered by the warranty. Also, the guy at Lexus told me the battery has sensor on the positive terminal and will not accept any after market battery but only genuine Lexus battery which is think is BS.
I wonder anyone know the 12V replacement battery for gen4 RX450h? I searched online and found this s55d23l for gen3 model and not sure if it will suit gen4.

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