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Buying a used RX 350 - your advice is appreciated!


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I'm new to Lexus...would like some info and opinions on a few things regarding buying a used (second gen: 2004-2009) RX350 - not the hybrid and I prefer the ULP rather than Premium ULP motor.

I've heard so much about Lexus longevity but also would like someone to check over what I'm intending to buy.

1. The differences in specifications: what are the different features of the Special Edition, the Sports and the Sports Luxury models?

2. I'm assuming service records will help to understand likely mech condition. But apart from tidy log books, are there any common mech issues I should be looking for in an RX350?

3. Is it crucial to get an independent mech check? Happy to hear from anyone who can recommend someone to do a check - i'm buying in Melbourne.


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Three years ago, I bought an RX350 Sports Luxury with 128,000Km up. Build date Dec 07, first registered in WA Jan 08 to Dealer Principal, Lexus of Perth. EVERYTHING works as you would expect. Full service history as you would expect. Since then, I have replaced rotors, pads, shocks, radiator & associated hoses, fuel and water pump. It was not they required replacement but what I was taught by my father; Preventative Maintenance!

There are many common parts shared with Toyota vehicles, eg. the 2008 Avalon has the same engine - just don’t tell the Toyota dealer the part is for a Lexus as he’s forbidden to sell it to you! Stick with QUALITY products eg. I use Penrite oils, Ryco filters, genuine Toyota Super Long Life coolant and Toyota spark plugs FK20HR11 which can be purchased on-line for as little as $19 ea with free postage, see here   https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-x-Genuine-Lexus-IRIDIUM-Spark-Plug-ES350-RX350-RX450/252488961402?hash=item3ac983cd7a:g:YJEAAOSwwYpas0~5   NO NEED to pay Lexus dealer inflated prices. Simply go to e-Bay and search “LEXUS RX350 “ . If you wish, you can also purchase a “flip” key, mine cost me $100 and works a treat. 
Quality quiet tyres are Michelin Latitude Tour HP - not cheap but well worth the money.

All in all, my wife and I (both senior citizens) thoroughly enjoy our vehicle. Our son-in-law’s RX330 finally gave up at 375;786Km and his vehicle was being serviced at K-Mart of all places - NOT FOR ME!

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