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Headlight eyelids or similar covering.

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I know a few years ago these were popular for the series 2 IS250 and IS350 etc but not so much now.

I've noticed the hard clear coat on the top of my headlights is starting to breakdown. 

I want to either completely put clear vinyl (or similar) over the whole headlight or as I saw on a post from 2012 a piece of black or other colour vinyl contoured to fit the top 40mm or so.

One old post had an ebay link but of course that went years ago.

If anyone has an ideas or any "stuff" that may be suitable please post up. :)

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Was looking at both options.

Need to find some vinly that is uv stable. I think black may be.

I have clear wrapped headlights in the past, Mercedes, VW R32 etc so that is still an option.

Just dont know if it will stop futher degradation once its started.

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First step is to refinish the surface of the headlights. There are a number of good videos on how to do this on YouTube, but Alex Palmeri, who used to do this when he was a Mercedes Tech, has a good one here:

Then you need to coat them with Meguiar's Headlight Coating, which will block UV from degrading them again in the future: https://www.automegastore.com.au/meguiar-s-keep-clear-headlight-coating-113g-spray-bottle-g17804?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhbndgN6Z6QIVh4qPCh3gjw-HEAQYASABEgJh7PD_BwE


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90% of the lights surface is 100% ok. Its just the external coating across the top strip next to guards worn thru a bit, so doesn't need refurbish.

Prob from over polishing/cut sometime in its life.

I will try to get a bit of black vinyl to play with 1st.



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  • 11 months later...

Didnt come out too bad. Been on since Xmas 2020.

Still holding up.

Ive got a bit more of the vinyl (ebay) so will have a 2nd try next summer to see if I can remove the few tiny bubbles I missed.





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