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Front Rotors And Disc Pads.....

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I recently had my front rotors and pads replaced (18000klms) under warranty(had a vibration under braking at 100klm/per hour), then put my car in for a 30000 service , and to my horror when I recieved my account found that they had been replaced again at a cost of nearly $500. After talking with the service manager, he informed me that this was common, and that's what you can expect......Sorry but I don't buy this , I am 49 years old drop the kids off to school then drive to work .

Does anyone else have similar experiences with the front brakes ?

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I,m sorry to inform u, but it,s true... i service these vehicles (lexus master tech) and it is common... i have seen vehicles as low as 14k and as high as 40k that required replacement pad/disc,s.. Most customers average 20k+ before they require a pad and disc machine.. the trade off is excellent braking at the cost of frequent replacement.... The warranty replacement was due to disc variation in thickness(casting) which when hot warped and produced the pedal pulsation. This was common on early models and have since been solved.(reworked disc).. hope this helps you out..

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