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New Head Unit 2020 comprehensive guide needed

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Hi Lexus Lovers,

Im new to the Lexus life, I recently purchased a 2002 IS200 Caliente.

I bought it from an old fella who lovingly cared for this very clean low KM car, I wasn't looking for this car but it was so good I just bought it.

I paid too much I am sure.

Here in Aus we all have to convert the head units to be phone compatible to get our phone off our dashboards for safety.

(No touching of the phone for any reason when driving)


What units do people get?

What is the work around with the amp bypass to avoid changing speakers. I realise new head units have built in amps so the Lexus amp is redundant but I'm try to not spend huge money on this instal so keeping the OEM speakers would be a win.

What reversing camera is an easy fit with full waterproof IP68, I don't want to drill into this car.

I would prefer connective capability with Android and Apple. It doesn't bother me to plug the phone in as my commute is over an hour.

I am really liking this car and I think I am now a firm convert to the brand, I find myself often looking at newer models for the next purchase...

Many thanks for any help. You can just direct me to a discussion if one has already covered this topic. I'm sure i am not the first.

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