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Front Rotors Replacement

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Hi all,

I’ve just been quoted by Lexus to replace the front brake rotors and brake pads for $1,900.

As this is a 2 piece rotor type I guess we can replace only the rotor and not the hat. 

additionally my brake pads worn off in 26,000km, which is weird.

Did anyone go through the rotors replacement process, and what did you go for? Factory OEM or aftermarket? I found some DBA 5000 black edition same price as the Lexus OEM ones? 
did anyone replace two piece with one piece type rotors?

any thoughts?

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brake pads thinning post 25k is pretty standard issue on the OEM pads. I had this issue with my ISF too. 

It's a heavy car and honestly who drives the RCF sedately. 

I haven't changed mine yet but will due in due course, only @ 20k. When i was looking to purchase the RCF, cars around the 25k mark all had fairly thin OEM pads. 

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Yeah, fair enough. But the ones which came with the car from factory lasted 45k, and assume are the same Textar brand.

For RCF, I know that they come with Brembo which, as far as I know wears off quicker, and of course bcs it’s a heavier and more powerful car. 

Just wanted to share my experience while replacing the rotors. As you all may know the RC350 F Sport models have 2 piece front rotors 356mm. As this is an unusual and quite big size there are not too many aftermarket manufacturers making these rotors. I have researched for 2 weeks and visited multiple racing workshops and parts stores and the only option in Australia is the DBA T3 5000 series slotted which are made on order and cost around $1,500 per pair.

Obviously, Lexus AU took advantage of this and they sell them at $1,400 per pair.

The alternative I found is to order the Lexus OEM parts from Lexus dealers on eBay in UK or USA which ended up to be $850 (AUD) per pair, including GST and international shipment.

Hope this provides some guidance to everyone who needs to replace the rotors in the near future.

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Thanks for the information

Not looking forward at the expense of replacing the rotors on mine..!!!!!!

Have you tried this mob here in Brisbane 


Offers good advice and pricing.


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Cheers mate, yeah, I tried brakesdirect and the same result, around $1,300-$1,500, and DBA manufacture these on order only.

I ended up ordering them from a Lexus dealership in UK, for $850 as above and are estimated to arrive tomorrow. 

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the f sport ones are 2 piece from factory

if you wanted to save money and upgrade you can go DBA rotors for normal is350 and Rc350

its not 2 piece rotors but least u upgrade the rotors and go slotted

oh and not metnion much cheaper at atound 200-300 per rotor

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