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Evening folks. 
names chris and currently driving a 1994 uzz31   
not too many mods, deep dish alloys, decat exhaust, air suspension removed for coilovers and the previous owner removed the emv and replaced with a nice pioneer double din and the aircon controls were refitted from the TT
I’ve had a problem with her since I re bought her back. But I’ve never been able to sort it so hoping someone could offer advice?  
I think since the emv was removed it’s created certain problems , cigarette lighter doesn’t work, the heated screen, side windows and mirrors don’t work but when the button is pressed everything lights as it should. Also the ultrasonic vibrations for the mirrors don’t work either. 
I’ve checked the fuses but everything seems to check out fine. 
also the ect power button lights up but doesn’t seem to do anything. 
any advice is greatly appreciated 



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6 hours ago, bazzle said:

Welcome to the Ozzie site 😉

Might be better to join the UK site?

Soarer Club - Lexus Owners Club

Cheers for that. I was looking for  uk site but it wouldn’t open so I presumed it’d been removed. But your link worked fine. 

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