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Hey ladies and gents,

The driver side DRL on my IS350 is a bit weird. It works perfectly along with the passenger side DRL when all lights are set to 'off.' However when I turn headlights or to any other light mode on, that driver side DRL stops operating. 

Best guess based on searching forums and other places is that the control board inside the headlight maybe faulty. I have no idea whether that is fixable or whether a whole headlight replacement is necessary if I wanted to solve it. 

Just wondering to see if anyone has experienced this problem before. If I had to replace I might just upgrade to LED headlights in the future. 

Thanks in advance.

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Ye, I think replacing might be the way to go. Just trying to see whether anyone has actually attempted to try it. Maybe the fact that little to nobody has tried to fix it would mean it isn't worth the effort lol.

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