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Hi, I have a 2007 rx350, over the last two/three weeks I’ve noticed like a juddering/vibration from the front end but can’t work out where!

she’s had new brakes/tyres/ sway bars recently as well as rotors it started after the above but before the sway bars went on, does anyone have any ideas what it might be please? 
thank you 

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Suffered precisely the same issue on my 2007 (2008 Update) RX350 (150,000Kms). Issue was resolved by fitting Protex Ultra rotors with retained Bendix 4WD pads. However, a slight vibration under normal braking has resurfaced. My mechanic puts it down to incorrectly tempered Chinese steel used in aftermarket rotors - heating/cooling/heating etc causing very slight warping. Prior to Protex, he also fitted BDA rotors but the same issue quickly appeared and those rotors were returned to vendor.

He stated the BEST solution is to purchase genuine Toyota rotors (better quality steel and correctly tempered). However, they are quite expensive, then there is fitting cost! Despite a great deal of commonality between Toyota and Lexus vehicles, Toyota dealers are forbidden to sell parts for Lexus vehicles, eg. the 2GR-FE motor is also used in the 2006-2012 Toyota Aurion GSV-40! Read into that what you wish!!

Should a fellow member know the Toyota Part Number for the 2007 RX350 Disc Caliper, we both would be extremely grateful.

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

it’s been at the Lexus garage and been told it’s the torque convertor, they say it’s a known fault on them 😔 

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I recommend you conduct your own research for "Known faults on 2007 Lexus RX350" or similar. I researched before I purchased my RX350 Sports Luxury three years ago from Lexus of Perth (Dealer Principal's vehicle) and do not recall a "known fault" relating to the torque converter. Those I did locate were:

Water pump starts to leak 50,000 – 70,000Kms. 

Low rate of idle run (readily solved by cleaning the throttle body once every 50,000Kms).

Engine noise at start-up is typical of 2GR engines & associated with VVTi system.

Idler Pulley Noise due to defective No. 2 idler pulley. May exhibit a squeaking noise while engine is running, refer Technical Service Bulletin T-SB-0056-09 for

2GR-FE engines. No. 2 idler pulleys can be accessed through the passenger side wheel well opening.


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