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Lexus LS430 steering wheel - 'answer call' button

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Hi everyone! I am the very proud new owner of a 2000 LS430 Ultra Luxury. I dabbled in European cars for all of my twenties and they bankrupted me. Total money pits. The Lexus is hands down, THE most amazing car of all of my vehicles I have owned. 165,000km and full service history. Metallic silver with black leather. Photos will be coming soon when it is detailed!

The steering wheel on it has quite badly cracked wood. It was going to cost me more to have the wood refurbished than buy a replacement steering wheel from a wreckers. I was lucky enough to find one with flawless wood for $200.00, so quite a bargain. It is off a 2004 LS430, so the 04 update with the screen and the Bluetooth for calls. As a result, it has an 'answer phone' button on the steering wheel. I have had an aftermarket head unit installed in the car. All the buttons on the steering wheel work with the head unit except the 'answer phone' button.

Ideally, I would like to get this answer phone button working. Can anyone shed some light for me on what wiring/adapter/whatever I would need to purchase to get it working? 

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