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NX200T - No audio from radio/bluetooth or phone in Mark Levinson entertainment system?


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Hi all,


I asked this in the large Forum, but I see that there is a specific forum for NX owners so i've reposted here.  Hope someone can assist.



Just last week my NX's sound just stopped.

No sound from radio or CD or Bluetooth and nothing from dialing or receiving calls.

  • I've checked the fuses and all appear fine
  • I read a hack on clublexus.com by pressing the steering wheel volume and turning the accessories on only (without starting).  This actually got the sound back for one day, now it's off again and the same method will not restore it again.
  • I've searched google and this forum and others but can't find and answer?
  • All other sounds from door open to parking sensors are working.

Has anyone out there experienced the same issue and the ultimate resolution.

Standard Mark Levinson system with Sports Lux model



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I have the same problem with my NX200, sometimes it can take 7 to 8 starts to get the stereo working. Lexus service check it out and tells there is a fault in the amplifier. A new Mark Levinson amp will cost about $1800 installed. On e bay an amp is about $1000 us. There are no Mark Levinson service centres in Australia there might be a stereo tech who can try to fix the amp



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Cheers Rod,

It's actually working again like you said - took probably 2 weeks.  However I did remove and checked nearly every fuse on the entire car prior to it restarting. - it didn't work straight away but a few days later! very weird...:wacko:

The Lexus guys on the NSW Central Coast had never experienced it. 


I saw the Amp's on ebay too, and I was in touch with some guys in QLD who said about $1000 to repair it, but I had to pull it out and post it.

If anyone stumbles on this thread and wants to change the Levinson Amp, I found out that it is located above the drivers side rear wheel but looks like you have to rip out half the backend of the car interior to get to the amp.   A long weekend i'd say.




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Mine stopped Working completely,a new amplifier from my Lexus dealer was $1353 and $175 labor. That included a reset of the system and now works fine


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Hey there, anyone got anymore on this topic...... i have the same problem and have had the headunit and the amp tested by everyone other than lexus.

i attempted to install an after market unit and it did not go well, now the ML original system reports "Audio Off", this has me bashing my head against a wall for quite a while.

help eagerly sought.

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