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Newbie Question: Updating Lexus Maps

Darrin Parker

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Hello I recently purchased a 2014  Lexus IS250, and joined this club today and I would appreciate your advice.

I want to update the Satellite Navigation on my car as the maps are rather dated. I checked with the Lexus dealership on Sunshine Coast today and was quoted $380 for a 2019 update (the most recent they have available). Apparently unlike the Toyota product (that probably does not work in a Lexus) the Lexus update price is for one update only, whereas the Toyota update is considerably less expensive and includes three updates.

I am ex-rescue squad and have seen phones, mirrors etc implanted in faces so I don't want to windscreen or air vent mount my phone to navigate. Can I update my Satellite Navigation to a more recent edition than that currently available through Lexus? if so how? and at what cost?


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I just spoke to Lexus of Kedron about updating the map in my 2018 CT200H - there is now a 2022 version but $380 is ridiculous so I'll just have to keep getting lost.

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Hey folks,

There are also 3rd party options that update the existing unit with Apple Car Play / Android Auto. Lexart in Sydney supplies (and I believe also installs) the Lexion variants.

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