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RX 450h F Sport Towbar options

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I'm having a lot of difficulty finding a towbar for a 2021 Lexus RX 450h FSport (not 450hL) and was wondering if anyone has been able to successfully fit a towbar to this model. It seems that since the most recent Australian update to the model around September 2019 there has been a change that has means earlier GYL25R towbars are incompatible. On a U.S. forum and on Youtube some say it's due to a newly added rear stabiliser rod and others say it's due to the kick sensor for the rear door which the dealers apparently disable but one U.S. Youtuber demonstrated the kick sensor still worked to one side with the towbar fitted: 

Two Lexus dealers have told me that there is a factory imposed hold on fitting the Euro style bar (supplied from Europe) that they normally supply and fit (about $1,700) and they seem to have no idea what the issue is and when it will be resolved. With their 03179RW towbar, Hayman Reese end compatibility for this model Lexus in August 2019. I also called TAG and they don't have a locally made towbar and don't have a Euro imported option either. Both Australian towbar manufacturers, Hayman Reese and TAG, seem to think that there is not enough local demand for them to make a compatible towbar which is disappointing and I wonder if it's fully thought through considering there about a quarter million Lexus' were sold in the last 2 years: Motor Vehicle Census, Australia, 31 Jan 2021 | Australian Bureau of Statistics (abs.gov.au) and a couple of Lexus salesman have told me that the RX 450h is their biggest selling model.

There are a number of Youtube vids from the US where people install towbars (tow hitches) on 2021 RX 450h and there seem to be multiple options there including a different style 2 inch (not 50mm) square hitch that is a genuine Lexus option. I don't know if the North American made Lexus RX 450h has exactly the same chassis mount dimensions as the Australian supplied Japanese model, so don't know if it will be an option. I know the Australian Lexus RX 450h is set up for towing as the oil cooler is installed and there is a towing guide supplied with the car, but still no towbar is available, even though they have been selling this model for more than 2 years now.

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