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Advice appreciated


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Hello all,

Have just purchased a 2010 Is250c and would appreciate some advice as to what mods and enhancements I should consider.

Love the way the car rides. It's very heavy and not the prettiest, but am happy with my purchase nevertheless.

I don't pretend to know much about cars, but I know a new set of shoes always (usually) looks better, but what can and can't I do?

What wheels and tyres: 19", 20"s?

Lowering springs or Coil-overs?

I'd love a nice flush look and get rid of the horrendous gap between tyre and guard from stock. Offset, Camber, Stagger, Spacer... all great words, but mean nothing to me.

I can look at all the web-sights and brochures, but without knowing widths and clearances I'm still at square one.

Am not averse to rolling guards, but air suspension is just a little over the top (for now)

Any suggestions?

I've only seen 1 other 250c since owning the car, (Perth) so figured it might be a good project to get a little crazy with (tasteful and drive-able though)

I'm more about the aesthetics right now but are there performance mods worth considering? 

Front end conversion? Lips? Side Skirts? ... where from?

Wide body?

Interior upgrades?


Please give me some ideas, crazier the better!

Let me help build YOUR dream car.

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