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Issues after pothole incident

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Hi all

I'm an owner of a 2015 RCF. Reason why I am posting here is because I had already taken the car to a LEXUS dealership and they clearly didn't fix the issue seeing as that was the main reason I went (as well as a major service).

The other week I drove over a very deep pothole that caused a loud bang when the front right tyre went straight in. It was a heavy impact that was felt very hard in the car with the front right of the car practically slamming off the concrete. I'm also from Australia so the right side is the driver's side.

Everything was fine at the time as the wheels did not sustain any damage. But towards the end of the drive I noticed the sound began to cut off. The traffic warning system was sounding very weak and started to crackle and fade. Eventually I lost all audio in the car. I could not even change the volume. Turning the knob did not even trigger the pop up screen with the volume on it.

And now to the other problem. I turned off the car and as I turned it on again I noticed how weak the engine sounded. Normally the car "roars" to life when I press the ignition but for some reason it sounded like it had lost 2 cylinders. Honestly felt like a v6 more than a v8. Funny thing is the issue with the engine and the audio fixed itself the next day before failing again and repeating. Now the audio is completely dead and I've got that weak engine startup feel again.

Reading online makes me think that the audio might be an issue with the amp but is it possible for a bad pothole to trigger this?


Im not sure if I should take it back to lexus or to an independent high rated mechanic/auto electrician to fix this. I was wondering if anyone had any insight or experienced anything similar. 

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