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LEXUS IS300 H Mark Levinson radio problem

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I have an IS300H F Sport 2015 and the radio keeps malfunctioning. 

The radio is working intermittently. It is a Mark Levinson radio but I was told that it may be a Pioneer re-badged. Does anyone know if this is true?
The problem is that the radio will only work after the car has been switched off for about 6 hours. If the car is turned on after about 6 hours it works, but it can be turned off 5 minutes later and will not work again until the car has been unused as previously mentioned for roughly six hours. So, if I stop for petrol or go to the shop and turn the engine off, that's the end of the radio The Built in CD player works all the time. It is only the radio (AM, FM. DAB) that malfunctions. The preset radio stations remain but the cursor will not click on them.
Any help you could give would be so much appreciated as it is driving us crazy and our mechanic says we need to replace it altogether which is very expensive.
Incidentally, We had an IS250 (2008) before and the sound quality was significantly better.
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