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IS250 09 - 18x8.5+35 245/40/18 Wheels UpFront

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Hi All,

My first post, glad to be here.

I've been reading forums and posts far and wide and thought I get a final answer to my burning question.

I have a stock IS250 09 which I'm now going down the lovely and expensive path of modifying.

My first two mods I want to tackle are as follows:

  • IS350 Brake Upgrade
  • Wheel/Tyre Upgrade

The car is at stock height and will most likely remain there even with suspension upgrades as it's a daily and I do a lot of cross state/country driving (need that clearance).

With my initial plan and want to do a IS350 brake upgrade, would the following upfront wheel/tyre package work? Do I need to change the offset?

  • 18x8.5+35 with 245/40/18

I'm wanting to gain a lot more stability on highways and windy mountain roads due to the distances and trips I need to make.

I'm okay with slight rubbing on full lock or out of driveways and happy to roll the guards a little if need be.



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On my 2012 IS350 F Sport I've put 235/40/18 front and 265/40/18 on the F Sport rims.

These fit with no issues. (Michelin PS4 and PS4 sport)

OEM rims are 8Jx18 ET45 front and 8.5Jx18 ET50 rear.

OEM tyres are 225/40ZR18 front and 255/40ZR18 rear.

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