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IS200 1999 - 1JZ GTE (2JZ maybe) Engine swap advise

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Good day, 

I recently purchased a IS200 6 Speed manual with Altezza bits with 1GFE engine, love the car however feel its quite under-powered. planning on doing an engine swap for either 1JZ GTE or 2JZ GTE (keeping Cost & complexity in mind).

I am good with doing minor works in my cars (R32 GTR, MK4 & some other jap cars). Also does a bit of panel & body paint works myself. 

Question - I would like to know is there anyone/workshop in Adelaide who can do the full engine swap for me without costing an arm & a leg.

or if its not too complicated I might be able to do it myself. any help is much appreciated. 

Thank you!

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Getting a shop involved is always more expensive , ive gotten a few quotes in Queensland for a 1j swap for my auto 200 and expect at a minimum 10-20k.  you can source the engine, trans and ecu for 5-6k (1J vvti) the rest is labour , custom fab work , wiring , tuning etc. 

if you have any mechanical friends or family that have done swaps they may be able to help.

there's also a fair few videos/articles online for 1J swaps into IS 200/300 , from what ive been told the 1J fits fairly well into the bay of the IS  



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