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Body repair - left fender replacement any diagrams/suggestions?

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Hi everyone, hope everyone having a pleasant time with the easter break, Not so for me as a new Lexus Rx350 owner who sustained damage to left passenger fender on a reasonably spotless car just bought the week before. Was driving into what I thought was a row of empty parking spots and totally missed a metal bollard placed right in the middle of the parking spot. Festive mood turning upbeat to distressed in a matter of seconds, still recovering.  Metal bollard totally in a blind spot as I turned left into the parking spot past a Kluger that was parked in the adjacent car park. didnt realise what was happening till heard the sound and asked my daughter who was sitting in the rear left side to stand up and have a look.😭 . Got home assessed damage, left fender has serious damage due to heavy metal bollard (removable design, not sure if was put there for a purpose and someone forgot to remove, has a flap lid on ground to close the hole once bollard is removed), anyway I was the unlucky one, left indicator on panel smashed, plastic lining damaged, opened hood and could see headlight plastic attaching to bolts on body cracked as the fender has pushed towards the door on impact although car would have been moving less than 5kmph at the time. Front left side passenger door seems to have survived thankfully although cannot open at the moment due to no clearance between fender and door. Cannot afford body shop at the moment, looking to source a fender panel from wreckers and DIY but couldn't find any clear instructions for removal online or a service manual I could use.  Anyone replaced a fender before or have access to a 2006 Rx350 manual who could paste the relevant sections here?  Thanks in advance. (I'll attach some pics of the damage shortly)  

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