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JZS160 Carbon Fibre Parts

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Hello guys/girls,


Reaching out to the Lexus community regarding the GS300 JZS160. I was curious if anyone was interested in providing input on what carbon fibre parts they would buy for the GS300. I am thinking of starting to make carbon fibre parts, but wanted to know whether anyone was interested. I know from my own experience that almost all parts are from either America, Japan, or the UK. Sometimes the price of shipping is more than the value of the part and makes modifying your GS300 impossible. Creating parts in Australia would allow for local pickup (FREE) or local shipping and the reduction in costs will be passed on to the customer. There are numerous benefits for local manufacturing: it is cheaper for the customer, more people will buy GS300 parts, the community will be happier, and more people will join the community. I had an idea of starting with something smaller (fuse box cover, interior door trim, centre dash trim, etc.) and working my way up to the bigger stuff (hood, doors, boot, front lip, fenders, roof, etc.). There are numerous factors that will affect the outcome of the product. I wanted the Lexus community to have a say.

Any feedback or input is helpful.


Below is a Google Form and I appreciate the time taken to complete it:


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