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I'm currently driving a lexus nx300 and plan on buying a lexus is250 MY2009 this weekend and just had a couple inquires I couldn't find answers to on the forum. Apologies in advance if it has been answered before. 

When I go to insure the car and put the VIN number in, it comes up as a 2008 lexus is250 instead of the 2009 model, this is a slight issue for me as I don't want to buy a 2008 model as I've heard a couple horror stories from previous owners. I've done a ppsr test and the compliance year/month comes back as 2009-08. Has this happened to anyone else?

Also I've compiled a small list of common problems that I've heard many forums members complain about on the models. Could you please check if I've missed out on any important aspects of the car that I should be checking?

  • Carbon build up
  • check for rough idle
  • High rpm check (WOT RUN)
  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Dash board melting
  • Rear view mirror scarring
  • A/C recirculation doors
  • Failed door lock actuators
  • Airbag date (apparently some of them were recalled?)
  • Bolts (new bolts indicate a possible crash before?)
  • Rust
  • Fog light
  • horn
  • indicator
  • Transmission
  • Brake pads
  • Timing belt
  • Water pump + valve seals

The seller stated it's mechanically perfect but I'm quite skeptical as the car has over 226,000 kms.

I also wanted to ask if the kms before service can be pushed back as the seller said she didn't do the 225,000 kms service because the mechanic told her to do it at 228,000kms?

Thanks in advance 🙂

- local car engine oil drinker

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I've run into the problem with Transmission which seems to kick in with high mileage if the transmission oil hasn't been changed.

It isn't part of the service from Lexus, so something to check and can be an expensive (as I'm finding) if you get it.

Also check if the rear vents still exist in the boot, if they don't (they perish overtime) then you can tape over them or buy replacements.

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I have an 2006 IS250, It has been a very good old car. I have replaced the following during my 7 years of ownership:

  • Alternator
  • 2 Batteries
  • Water pump
  • All the gas struts (boot, bonnet)
  • Screen film stopped working last year but I changed it
  • 6 coil packs (one on each spark plugs)
  • Transmission oil
  • Differential oil
  • Centre bearing for the drive shaft
  • Auto wipers sensor

Things that are a bit tatty:

These are the things I have noticed on the car that are deteriorating:

  • Side plastic cold getting marked
  • Body coloured rain strips are fading
  • Black plastic strips on top of chrome strips on the doors are coming off
  • Interior drivers side is tatty and I have made numerous not very successful repairs to the dash

Things I have heard happen to other cars

  • Leather trim holed and worn

Overall it's still a good, not perfect. My car parks on the street but for a 17 year old car there is little to complain about it all still works

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