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Altezza 3sge manual starts then dies won't idle or keep runn

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Hi all new here not sure if iv posted in the right place. i have just replaced my blown engine now car wont stay running it fires then dies straight away I've checked all fuses all sensors every is OK fuel pump etc I can only get the car to run if I crack the fuel line going into the fuel damper on the rail it sprays everywhere but runs as soon as its tight car dies iv tried to different dampers to see if that fixes it tried other maf sensors different throttle body's etc iv tried everything i can think of it's so weird I ran diagnostic I'm getting the Ignition signals  p1311 p1301 p1306 p1316 i am useing goss coils have herd mixed reviews wondering if iv got the wrong coils? But why does it run with the fuel line loose soo confused any help would be appreciated 

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Hey, I am also having the same set of fault codes and the car is giving and misfire. I am also trying to diagnose the issue. Please let me know if you find what caused your problem. Thank you

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